• Image of True Name {Glow-in-the-Dark variant, seconds quality}
  • Image of True Name {Glow-in-the-Dark variant, seconds quality}

A mossy toned serpent & crescent moon glow brightly, helping you become a light in the darkness.

All proceeds from these flawed pins go to charity. Right now we are supporting the National Abortion Federation (https://prochoice.org).

Flaws may include bits of glitter, small chips or dents in the enamel, or black or colored spots. Ships with all the care & love of our other pins, plus a handwritten note.

1" Hard enamel
Silver tone
3 colors
Glowing moon
Glowing serpent
Custom backing card
Single post
Black rubber clutch
Edition of 100

We know international shipping can be hefty, but we only charge what we are charged at the Post Office. We refund anything over $1 that we overcharge for shipping, so if we get a lucky break, you get money back!